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What is the best baseball city in America? How do you judge such a thing? Attendance? Fan Knowledge? Fans Behavior? World Series Titles? Well, actually there isn't a sure fire way or a determined system to judge such a thing. It is all personal judgement and experience. I'm going to go over what I consider to be the top five of America's best baseball cities. Sure, I will consider all of the things mentioned above like attendance, Fans and World Series titles won, but ultimately it will come down to my own personal experience and judgement. Sorry, Canada but, I am reducing this to just America's best and not North America so, Blue Jays fans will have to sit this one out. I also understand that there are several cities with more than one baseball team such as Chicago, New York and Los Angeles so, those cities will be judged on both teams and their fans.

I will start off with number five on my list and that is the city of Los Angeles. First off, the city of Los Angeles has a major advantage over a lot of other cities with its weather advantage. Its much nicer weather in Los Angeles in spring and fall than it is in say Boston, Chicago or New York. Los Angeles fans seem to really show up for their teams attendance wise although, they generally will leave early sometimes. Just watching the fans in the stands during a broadcast, you may not be able to tell what type of sporting event you are watching because you will see beach balls bouncing around and people goofing off. The Los Angeles fans really have a blast at their baseball games. For the most part, they are probably not the fans to sit down and go over someones baseball stats or career, but they do know how to have a good time and they are there consistently for their teams.

Number four on my list is the city of Chicago. In Chicago, you have the Cubbies and the White Sox. The Cubs fans are some of the most loyal in baseball and have hung strong with their team throughout the many down years and all the years without a title. While the Cubs are supported strongly, The White Sox have had a little more success on the diamond as far as titles but, seem to have a little less support in attendance. It has been a long standing saying in Chicago that the only fans that go to White Sox games are fans who couldn't get tickets to Cubs games. Considering the White Sox successes on the diamond and the Cubs success with fans leaves Chicago at number four on my list.

Number three belongs to the city of Boston. Despite the weather conditions, Boston fans are as passionate as any other as far as supporting their team. They show up each and every day regardless of the weather situaions. Being so far north is tough in spring time and especially into the fall. The Red Sox Nation are also some of the most knowledgeable fans in the game although maybe not the friendliest when it comes to visiting fans.

Coming in at Number two on my list is the city of St. Louis. These fans are some of the most dedicated in sports. They love their baseball in St. Louis and baseball is always a tough ticket in town. Yes, when old Busch stadium was being demolished, fans proceeded to steal items from the park for keepsakes even old urinals. St. Louis has always been one of the most welcoming to visiting fans and Cardinal fans seem to be truly good natured and loyal to their team throughout the years. Attendance seems to always hold strong in St. Louis and by those figures it would be hard to even tell a winning season from a losing one.

Alas, Number one is the city of New York. Typically, when you have two baseball teams in one city, One prospers while the other falls a little farther behind as far as support aka Chicago. New York on the other hand has two teams with two entirely different fan bases which show up and are true to their respective teams. You have the Yankees, who seem to carry the banter for the City of New York and then you have the Mets fans, who are kind of more blue collar and are distinctive in their faithfulness to their beloved Mets and their hatred for the Yankees. Having two highly and deeply supported teams, with two entirely different fan bases and with both teams having success throughout the years put New York at number one on my list of America's top baseball cities.

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