Rumour: Gaming Club could be Entering the World of Baseball Sponsorship

- by Marion Brookes

Increasingly online gambling firms are looking at sponsoring sports teams and events, which is perhaps not surprising, given that these are two of the most popular entertainment options available in the digital era. The latest rumour of this kind to circulate suggests that one of the biggest online casino firms – Gaming Club – may be about to announce a baseball sponsorship deal; but is there likely to be any truth in this story?

Well clearly it is still merely a rumor at this stage – and thus putting money on it would riskier than playing at an online casino – but there is certainly plenty of evidence that would seem to lend credence to it. To start with plenty of online gambling companies are providing sponsorship for both sports events and individual teams – making it strange that more of them haven’t looked at baseball, which has a massive fan base.

Then there is the fact that both Gaming Club and any team involved would benefit enormously from a link-up, with the team no doubt gaining hugely in financial terms from a lucrative deal with such a successful company, and Gaming Club getting its name out there to a big new potential customer base.

After all, we already know that sports fans love to gamble – with many baseball fans betting on the sport – and should they visit the Gaming Club site they would find slots games like Hot Shot that allow them to mix baseball and betting in a different way. This five reel, nine pay line slot game uses cutting edge video and audio to create an immersive baseball experience, capturing the sights and sounds – from the field itself, to the crowds and the ball hitting the bat. It also features reel icons in the shape of hats, strikes, catcher mitts and home run icons.

However alongside this baseball theme you still get traditional slot features, like the scatter and wild icons, cheap play and the chance to win jackpots of up to $2000. Any Jackpot City baseball sponsorship deal would surely attract a lot more fans to this game.

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